The world may be crazy but you don'don't care

My three sweet boys…so happy and full of life. So young and free of worry. This is life I want you to know and love. This is life we should all live. But unfortunately the world has come to a point where selfish desires cloud good judgment. 

This is not the case for my young boys. I will not let them see this chaos going on around them. They do not need to see grown people acting like children that cant get along. My children should not see this hate that is going on in the world around them. My children do not see color and they do not know judgement because that is not the way they are raised. My children want everyone to be their friend because they do not know that there are not so nice people out there. 
Though I worry and fear the things going on in today’s world, my precious dirty little boys will not see that fear in me. They will enjoy their childhood full of superhero adventures and muddy worms. They’ll laugh and wrestle and live like all children should…happily. 

2 responses to “The world may be crazy but you don'don't care”

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