Happy Birthday Mac

    Five years! Its been five years since I said goodbye to late nights out playing around downtown, since I pulled an all nighter, since I had a night out with my friends that no longer exist. Five years since I said goodbye to my freedom and lack of responsibility. 

It’s been five years since I learned what my purpose in life really is. Everything I thought I wanted in life changed. Five years since one tiny cry made my entire life turn completely around. 

I thought I had it all. Going out every night,  parties, friends, a great body, and plenty of money. Then I looked into your eyes for the first time and you became my everything 

I dont know why God chose me to be your mom. I don’t know how you still think I’m the greatest hero ever when I mess up and fail daily. But you love me relentlessly.

 Your my biggest fan. You think I’m your hero, but really you’re mine.
I have never had a best friend like you. One that makes me laugh constantly, feel better when I’m upset, hug me when I’m down, keep me just crazy enough to appreciate life, and make me so proud.

I love you more than you’ll ever know McLaren Alexander Skyy Wilson. Every since I first held you in my arms I knew that my life purpose was to be your mom, and I cant believe how fast time flies. I cant wait to see what our next 5 years bring us. Happy Birthday munchkin!

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