Being a fit mom

Ive recently decided for the 9 millionth time to go on a diet to try and lose some weight and exercise again to get my pre-mom figure back or at least close to it. But here’s the thing about deciding to look good when you’re a mom….it doesn’t work! 

I am a mom who deals with stress through chocolate therapy. Nothing wrong with that right?
My kids drive me crazy, I eat a Reese cup 
My kids won’t stop fighting,  I have a butterfinger 
The kids won’t give me a moment of peace, I hide in the closet and binge eat a bag of Lindor truffles
Now some would think this is a very unhealthy stress relief but my opinion is this. You want me to be a good mom and not tie my children to a balloon and let them float to Bora Bora so I do what I feel is necessary to maintain good mental health and remain the best mom ever. 
Chocolate isn’t all that bad for you anyways right? I mean I’ve read about how it has antioxidants and lowers cholesterol in moderation. But this is not a health session on chocolate. This is about why being a mom and being skinny just doesn’t work
It’s like we have to pick between being grumpy, hungry, and skinny or being kinda flabby but happy and winning at the mom life. So what is the conclusion of this?
Maybe I will continue to enjoy my nerve calming chocolate habits but sweep an extra floor or fold more laundry to stay active and if I get real desperate I know there is always the option of getting down and dancing to the ever famous Baby Shark tune!

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