The next generation of cleaning.

 Alright yal, let’s talk about these robot vacuum cleaners. There’s a million different brands of them and a million different functions they offer, but essentially they all do the same thing: clean so we don’t have to!

As a mom, my to-do list is full. Kids, laundry, cleaning, food, work, school, errands, etc, etc, etc. It’s like the list never ends. So I decided to jump on this smart vacuum bandwagon and take a little work off my hand. I’ve been skeptical about which vacuums are best and the pros and cons of each. 

Little back story: When the Bissel Crosswave trend started I just HAD to have this amazing mop/vacuum combo. It was what everyone had and it was going to change my floor cleaning forever. Fast forward two months and I HATED the thing. It didn’t clean. It just smeared yucky wet dirt around. It was IMPOSSIBLE to clean, and the cord wasn’t long enough. 

So anyways back to this cool new vacuum craze. I read the reviews and made my decision to order the ILIFE V3s Pro Robot Vacuum from Amazon. Everyone says it cleans great, doesn’t get tangled, and it’s fairly cheap. So hey I went for it. Typically I sweep my floors at least twice a day, if not more. There’s six kids here (five of which are boys), three adults (two of which are boys), and three dogs (one of which is a great dane). There is ALWAYS some sort of mess in my floor whether it be crumbs, mud, or dog hair.

So when Felipe arrived (yes we named our vacuum, but doesn’t everyone?) I was weary about how long he would stand up to the challenges and obstacles my floors constantly present. We switched this bad boy on watched him go! Swooping here and there and well really EVERYWHERE he’s a dusty, dog hair, kid mess eating machine. I watched him gobble up any spec that got under his fiery little whiskers and move on to the next spec. 

Now here’s the issue with this little guy. He roams freely. There’s no up and down the room or certain path he takes. It’s just sporadic. He could start in one end of the house and then decide to move to another room and then another over and over. This doesn’t bother me. I just shut off the rooms I don’t want him in and go about my business while he does the cleaning for me. And he does. My floors stay pretty well swept with him around now. BUT yesterday was another story. 

I turned Felipe on to run his usual rounds like I always do and I went back to work like I usually do. I heard Felipe beep at me a little while later to tell me he’s full and needs an empty. But like a typical mom, I forgot about him. Now usually when I forget about him I’ll see him sitting patiently in the middle of the floor somewhere and remember to change him, but yesterday he wasn’t sitting in the floor.

I guess Felipe grew tired of me neglecting his full canister and decided to retaliate by hiding from me. So today when I went to turn Felipe on for his daily chores, I remembered I didn’t empty him yesterday….but now I can’t find him anywhere!

Mind you now, he’s a large circular vacuum cleaner that naturally avoids corners and obstacles so he can’t really hide from me. But I have searched my entire house looking for this guy and I can’t find him anywhere. I decide to use the remote and page him home, but guess what? He’s dead now. After I spend a good forty-five minutes looking everywhere, I give up. Felipe has been vacuumed-napped or ran away one and I’m certain of it. I’m trying to come to terms with returning to the old stick broom life of sweeping my floors and it’s really just breaking my heart.




I decide one last time to search for my robot friend and in the absolute last place I could think of I find him. There he is nestled up under the farthest corner of my son’s bed. My internal mother instincts kicked in and I was immediately so relieved I have found my sweet little vacuum. Then my angry mom attitude kicked in and I have to scold him for hiding from me and then napping on the job. I emptied him out, put him in time out on his charger, and then made him get back to work cleaning my entire living room. 

Long story short, these robot cleaners really are great. I LOVE mine and will add the link below for you to find it. At the same time, it’s kind of like having another toddler around. I have to watch him, I have to clean him, I have to charge him. Like when do the mom duties ever end?



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