Where are we now?

Where are we now you might ask?


Life is in full force fast forward for us these days. The boys are 7, 4, and 2 and if they aren’t constantly fighting, they have their little heads up my tooshie constantly.
We stay going from sun up to sun down and its all messy and exhausting. The boys are back in school thanks to the Rona finally buzzing off. I’m enjoying a lovely work from home job, mixed with full time schooling again, as well as playing the role of house keeper/mom/personal chef/chaperone/whatever else is needed.

Home renovation projects have begun..like they do every Spring…and never get finished might I add.

Warmer weather demands our constant attention outside. Young ages demand new adventures and new memories happen. So that’s where we are. Running on coffee and not enough hours in the day. But boy do I LOVE every second of it.

This past weekend I had the awesome opportunity to go on fancy pirate date with McLaren.

This was a great one-on-one time with him. We bought our costumes, did our hair (and my makeup), and spent the evening sword fighting the other boys who attempted to steal our expensive plastic necklaces. These bandits walked the pallet-board plank straight into the blue plastic sheeted ocean full of rubber crocidillas. McLaren and I then took our treasure and galivanted heroically into the swarm of good pirates doing the Cha Cha Slide. We ended our evening sharing some Cheetos and Sprite on the bleachers while the remainder of the pirated boys fought for their share of treasures.

Memories like these are the ones I work so hard to achieve with each of my boys. Stay tuned for next week’s story of the Cabin Experience….

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