The Easter Surprise Challenge

I’ve always thought in another lifetime I should be a party planner because I absolutely love coming up with all these themed party ideas. Execution is sometimes successful, other times…ehhh not too much, but hey it’s the thought that counts right? Well, this weekend was our annual easter eggstravaganza! I, of course, spent weeks on Pinterest planning the perfect games and perfect menu (decorations were skipped this time). The plan finally gets laid out and this year rather than filling my yard with hundreds of plastic eggs that won’t get completely picked up and the lawnmower will find, we would have an Easter Challenge party instead with a super awesome surprise at the end! Planning challenges that are doable for all kids within a 10 year age gap did not come easy, but I persevered and managed to come up with 6 pretty cool games. The kids would start with a clue and go to the place in the clue. They would then complete a challenge in order to receive a prize egg filled with a lucky ducky lottery ticket and the next clue. (Spoiler alert: We did not win a million dollars from our lottery ticket) Ready? Here we go.

Challenge #1:

This game was great for the bigger kids, but the little kids were slightly scared of the large white sacks we were trying to shove them in. We managed to round up some courage and convince everyone but Cooper and Hudson to participate in the fun. We lined them up and started the race. In my personal experience, tater sack races never go well. Someone is always hopping along happily when out of no where gravity kicks in and they take a face plant straight into the rocky ground. Like good sports do, they all got back up and finished the race.

Challenge #2

This game was my first last-minute improvisation. The original plan was that we would have inflatable bunny ears on one person and the teammate would toss the rings onto the ears…….but someone forgot to order them from Amazon sooooo changes were made using supplies on hand. This game went well though and used up the last bit of that GIANT container of cheeseballs we’ve had for months that no one wanted to eat anymore.

Like the champs they are, the cheeseballs were caught in the ears and the lucky winner got the lottery egg with the next clue. (Side note: This lottery egg actually won a couple bucks, winner thought it was the coolest thing ever)

Challenge #3

So this game was not meant for younger unbalanced kids (or adults like me) and I am SO glad we did not use real eggs with it or we’d have no eggs and a big mess to clean up. The concept of balancing a wooden egg on a small spoon did not set well for any of them as they tried to run to the finish line…so the new rule turned into put the egg on the spoon and hold it there while you ran to the finish line…hey we had fun I guess.


Okay, we’re about 30 minutes into our challenges and I knew it was coming…the loss of interest. My littles are getting burnt out because they really aren’t good at these games and the lottery tickets are disappointing us. We take a brief candy break and return to our previously scheduled fun

Challenge #4

And we are now back on track and ready for another clue. Luckily the next couple are more on the level of the baby kids so they are excited to participate again.

Can we just stop for a second and talk about how awful some seasonal treats are? At Christmas it’s fruit cake, at Thanksgiving it’s cranberry sauce (personal opinion), and at Easter it’s these nasty little Peeps. I’m pretty sure as a kid I ate these things like crazy, simply because it’s a sugar coated mallow. But now, as an adult, I DESPISE these things. They are sticky, and messy, and FULL of sugar, and so terrible. But anyways. This game consisted of trying to build towers out of the mallows. Looks simple, but actually it was alot harder than I thought it would be to get 8 of these little guys to stack on top of each other without falling.

Challenge #5

This game was rather uneventful besides the mismatched eggs did not want to snap back together correctly (that’s what happens when you buy dollar eggs) but anyways we were almost to the end of the challenges and motivation was slipping quickly so we quickly sped through this game.

Challenge #6

We were pretty well done at this point, but this was my favorite game by far. I may be a little biased based on my love for Jelly Beans.

I was a little worried about the success rate of actually being able to pick up jelly beans with straws but it actually worked pretty well and the kids LOVED this game too.

We did it!!! Finally all challenges were completed and it was time for the final clue to find our surprise!

We quickly ran around back to the final spot and to our sweet surprise we uncovered….baby chicks! 6 sweet little Rhode Island Reds for a peeping surprise. (Side note: Went to pick these babies up the day before the party only to find out the store had just sold out of them! Last second panic run to the local Feed Store delivered us our chickie miracle)

The rest of the day was spent cuddling (a little too hard from Hudson and Cooper) these fluff balls. The day was ended with some cake and fruit pizza before we all crashed from too much sugar and exhaustion of games.

These little chickies are sure to be the topic of many more posts to come, but today was all about the challenges we went through to discover them

P.S. Becca’s Party Planning services are available to anyone wishing to use my amazing event planning ideas at anytime *wink wink*

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