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Welcome to Mt. Laundry

In my house, there is one word that is not allowed. We don’t say it, we don’t think about it, we don’t even acknowledge its existence…. Laundry. The most hated chore in my life. I will sweep the floors, scrub the toilets, wash the dishes, and even rake the yard all day long and not…

Rock City Travels

This weekend, the boys and I decided to live like tourists in our area and experience one of the local attractions close to us. So we chose Rock City. The entire day before the trip and the day of I talked it up about how much fun we would have and how cool Rock City…

The Cabin Experience

 As previously promised, the adventures of our cabin trip! I think of myself as a fun outgoing mom, ya know? And I want to do things with my kids and make memories with them that they can hold on to forever. So I plan these big fun outings and trips and parties with the intentions…