Fun new adventure

If you know me you know vacations are what make my world go round. If I could, I would take at least two vacations a month. I love to travel and see new places. I love to eat new food and experience new areas.

Tropical places are my soul but all other sceneries are just as beautiful too. Vacations are expensive and time off work is rare these days. So when I got this awesome opportunity to start booking vacations for other people of course I was so excited!!! Like hello, I can now scroll through these dream destinations all day long and book the coolest trips and activities for other people and actually get paid for it!

Of course, this is not a new career path for me, but it sure is a fun side job to have. The only drawback with this new job is it really makes me want to take more vacations myself, which completely kills my motivation to actually do my real job.

Bermuda, Bahamas, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Alaska, Washington, New York, all things cruises, you name it and I’ll book it. The deal is you gotta bring me back a postcard or souvenir that I can add to my travel wall.

Check out my current travel deals on my site

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