I'm That Mom

I’m that mom with that kid you always here and see running and screaming through Walmart like a chicken with his head cut off.

I’m that mom with the kid who has to play with every toy or touch every can at the stores

I’m that mom with the dirty sticky child who looks like they haven’t had a bath in days

I’m the mom with the house that looks like a tornado has hit and if you don’t wear shoes it is very likely that you’re going to step in something

I’m that mom whose kid never ever wears shoes and very rarely has on socks

The mom who always lets her little one buy a sucker or a toy at the end of the trip no matter how “bad” they were

I’m the one that says “sure” to giving her little one juice at 8:00 at night

But I’m also the mom whose child isn’t a spoiled brat as most would say

I’m the mom that knows how to pick her battles

Who cares if my kid is having fun in Walmart. I enjoy acting a little crazy sometimes too

What does it matter if he wants to play with all the toys? He always puts them back somewhere on a shelf. I mean how else would we know which one we want?

He’s sticky and dirty so I’m looked down on because I don’t bathe my kid? No I think he’s sticky and dirty because I  don’t stop him from having fun and being a little boy. He does get a bath every night before bed

Yes my house is a complete and total DISASTER! But I’m the mom that feels like quality time with her kids is ten times more important than picking up toys or washing dishes or folding clothes

He is barefoot always but really who likes to wear shoes?

Yes I give him a sucker and juice anytime he asks but yet he’s in bed by 9:00 every night.

Your babies are only going to be babies for a short amount of time and in the blink of an eye they’re all grown up and don’t need you anymore.

They won’t need you to buy them a toy or to cuddle or kiss ouchies. Those sweet babies that you spend more time scolding and setting rules for a growing every second and you can’t even enjoy those moments because you are busy trying to be a “good” parent. 

I’m the mom who gives every moment to enjoying time with her babies whether it be loud and crazy acts in Walmart or throwing cereal in the floor and listening to the crunch it makes when we step on it. 

These are the moments that they’re gonna look back on and remember in twenty years. These are the moments that when they become parents you hope they try to recreate. These are the moments that are going to keep you young and relaxed as opposed to always stressed. 

Throw cereal, get sticky, be loud. Have fun and enjoy the little things before they are all gone. 

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