You're doing good

Hey mama remember when you finally just lost it and yelled at your child because your poor nerves just couldnt take anymore for the day? The crying, the wild behaviors, the fighting, the constant messes- all on top of the other day to day challenges of life. Its just more than you can take sometimes.

And the exhaustion…oh dont even get me started. I dont even remember what it feelsnlike not to be so tired anymore. Im to the point these days where I could just cry if I have to wash more load of laundry or see one more dirty dish.

Finances are a constant game of which bill can I put off for another week so I can be sure to have diapers?

Mama just breathe. Your doing good.
You instantly regret yelling at your child and breaking their hearts….but its okay mom. They still love you and your still a good parent.

Look at those pictures. Do you see the pure joy in their eyes that day at the park when you were okay and wanted to play? Did you feel the love in the bedtime cuddles as they cozied into your arms for the night? Did you hear that laughter from the tickle fight you brought on after bath time?

Mama we all have bad days….but that doesn’t define you as a parent.  The good daus, the love, the cuddles….thats who you are. So head up mama, you’re doing good

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