I am mom

I am a mom

I am poky feet in my back all night
I am sticky hands and dirty faces wiping their yuck on me at all times
I am lost to modern day television but a pro at all shows kid-related
I am spaghetti three nights a week cause that’s all my kids eat
I am kisser of the boo boos (both real and pretend)
I am mediator of arguments over hulk smash and iron man
I am giver up of watching tv with my husband without little ones wiggling their way between us
I am up in the night to make bottles and ease bad dreams
I am always always tired
I am excited and interested even when stress is overwhelming me.

I am chasing fireflies in the warm summer nights
I am hearer of heart melting giggles
I am sacrifcier of dream jobs and great opportunities because it doesnt work with the kid schedule
I am not sure if friends my age even exist anymore….but at least I’ve got mickey mouse to entertain me
I am many names: worker, wife, friend, helper, maid, etc…
But before anything else I am MOM.

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